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Please ensure that you SMS your shower screen pictures to 0404 465 265 and receive your contact-free quote over the phone

Don't Wait Weeks

We specialise in an on-demand service to fit cost effective shower screens usually within 24 hours (no guarantee).

Our high quality shower enclosures are designed with the versatility to adapt to numerous applications and configurations, combined with the ease of installation and quality of components that our customers rely on.

Elegance without compromise – design simplicity.

How ‘Instant’ Shower Screen Installations Work


Instant Shower Screen - before & after

We work as the name implies & by INSTANT we mean your shower enclosure FINISHED within 1 day.

From this at 11:00am….

This is one of our customer's bathrooms at 11:00am

To this within hours!

This is the same bathroom at 4:00pm on the same day

So how can you get your shower screen finished within just 1 day?

  1. Simply call or text 0418 856 227 or use the ‘ORDER‘ page.
  2. Once we’ve established some basic measurements & details on your desired configuration, we send 1 of our installers out to you.
  3. Our professional installer inspects the site first hand to confirm all the necessary parts are on hand.
  4. Your shower screen is professionally fitted to your bathroom.
  5. Enjoy your new shower!

It really is that easy.

Bathroom renovations can be a stressful time for home owners, and nobody likes going without a shower. Why not eliminate the waiting period & get back into your own shower sooner rather than later. Get it done INSTANTLY!

Shower screen replacement in Adelaide- before & after photos


Our high quality shower enclosures are designed to be installed in various configurations to suit virtually any requirement.



Front only

Front & Return

Front & return

Dog leg over bath

Over bath

Pivot Patch Fitting

Pivot Patch Fitting

Elegant and unobtrusive door pivots are colour matched to co-ordinate with the frame.
Stainless steel hinge pins are designed to give a lifetime of trouble-free use.


Finger Pull Handle

Finger Pull Handle

Ergonomic and unobtrusive, the finger pull handle complements the Optimal enclosure perfectly.


Splash Guard

Splash Guard

The clear splash guard directs water back into the shower area.